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If you're looking for natural skin care products to use for yourself or for your massage clients, we have you covered. Mongan's Own in Greeley, Colorado, offers a massage lotion that's specially created so you can give your skin the proper nourishment it needs.

Before our owner, James Mongan, started the business in 2010, he worked as a fifth generation massage therapist and ran a massage school for more than 20 years. James dedicated his life to massage therapy and it led him to discover his passion for creating his own skin care products. After experiencing dissatisfaction with other lotion options on the market, full of parabens and chemicals, James decided he wanted a higher standard for the products his students use. Followed by extensive research and train and error, James created Mongan’s Own line of premium, all-natural lotions!


All of our paraben-free products are meticulously prepared using natural therapeutic ingredients, in a natural way. We make sure that our lotions are safe and effective for all of our customers with lab testing. Our products have a long shelf life, without the usual additives present in most products today. 


We make accessing our products easy for you, either stop by our store or get them delivered straight to your door! Please contact us if you would like to be a distributer.

Some of our most exciting ingredients


Coconut Oil

Is known for not only is delicious flavor but also for its amazing health and moisturizing benefits it has on your body. This is because it is actually able to get soaked into your blood stream and your body! This makes our lotion very different from others because of its ability to get absorbed instead of being greasy on top of it.


Lavender Extract

Is not just an amazing scent but actually is known to boost relaxation and is thought to treat anxiety, insomnia, fungal infections, allergies, depression, eczema, nausea, and even menstrual cramps.

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Squalene Oil

Is found in almost all plants, animals, and even humans! Its a natural lipid you make that lubricates and protects your skin.

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Calendula Oil

Calendula Oil, also known as Calendula officinalis, Is a natural essential oil sourced from Egypt, obtained through steam distillation from the calendula flower. It carries a characteristic sweet woodsy aroma. Calendula oil is sought after as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments.

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I have used many other pain lotions and this by far is the best on my knee pain. It helps with the swelling as well. Smells good too.


The Pain Relief Lotion reduces swelling within a few hours. It's like air conditioning in a bottle.


Being a medical assistant you have to wash your hands a lot, which makes them super dry, Squalene lotion keeps them moisturized as well as not being sticky or having an annoying smell since Im allergic to scents that make me break out. 


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